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Affordable Counselling:

1 in 3 GP appointments involve some form of emotional distress.  You may be one of the 1 in 3, perhaps struggling with stress, relationship problems, life choices or changes, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, parenting difficulties or panic attacks. We may be able to help youLook on our Members' list for the therapists with a Δ by their name.  They offer Affordable Counselling.

Affordable Counselling is exactly that.  You pay what you can afford.  Counselling with an experienced therapist will usually cost between £40 and £50 per session, which is more than many people can afford.  Therapists have expenses that they must meet in order to do their work.  Health Works ensures that you are able to have counselling from highly skilled counsellors when you need it - regardless of your ability to pay.  Our counsellors are not out of pocket while they offer you the help that you need because they are subsidised by Health Works.

When you have your first meeting with the counsellor you will decide together if you are going to go ahead with Affordable Counselling.  You will not be charged for this.

If you agree to meet again the counsellor will offer you a leaflet explaining how Affordable Counselling works and send a standard letter to your doctor to say that you have started the counselling sessions.

Health Works subsidises your work together based on the average amount you are able to pay for the sessions: 

                                                         - below £15 per session a maximum of 10 sessions can be offered

                                                         - between £15 and £25 a maximum of 20 sessions can be offered *

* We are seeking the services of a fundraiser to help us to secure ongoing Affordable Counselling in the community.  There is enormous demand for emotional and mental health support from skilled practitioners.

 NB: Health Works offers flexible, accessible provision in the community.  We receive no Health Service funding for this work and appreciate any support you can offer.  If you would like to make a donation towards Affordable Counselling, arrange a fund-raising event or become a Friend of Health Works please let us know by contacting us at

The Counsellors' Collective arranges events including 'CPD'  to support the work of Health Works.  For more information about these please look at our News and Events page.